Stainless steel prices stabilize and Industrial policy is conducive to development

According to the survey, stainless steel prices has a obviously increasing since October last year, recently it trends to be a stable situation.

Most businesses want price stability

Although the price of the iron domestic imports currently continuous rise in the last three months, it increasing from 90 US dollars to 150 US dollars, the rate of increase is nearly 80%, but the price of stainless steel did not appear a large fluctuation, the rate of change remains at normal level.

Stainless steel prices stabilize and Industrial policy is conducive to development.

"Price fluctuations are small, it’s a good thing to the businesses in a smooth way to operate, buy and sell with the normal way, smooth and steady." China Science and Technology Hardware City Jindu market metal materials trading area Star source Stainless Steel Materials Co., Ltd. responsible person Xia Mou said.

Now, there is a view of the business of metal materials, that they buy when the price in the market downturn, sold at the high demand with a high prices to obtain huge profits from it. Mr Xia introduces, each business households have their own business philosophy and way, through the ups and downs to buy low and sell high, although the profit margins are large, but the risk is also great. Businessmen not only need to have a strong capital to store goods, but also need a sharp vision and insight of the market, to choose the right time to purchase the goods.

I interviewed a number of business households that they said it was only part of the business method only. Most of business households hope that the price of stainless steel material stability, it should be step by step footprints to do business, will enduring.

Good policy promoting industrial development

From the second half of last year, in order to improve the overall technical level of the iron and steel industry, the national industrial policy will promote structural adjustment, encourage special steel enterprises develop to the group, the specialization. encourage the short process use scrap as raw material, and the development of special steel for the domestic demand.

The expert Mr Yang analysis, recent years stainless steel market in a rapid development, but the majority of rural consumption of stainless steel has always maintained a very low level, the rural market has great potential, with the improvement of China's stainless steel quality, large and medium - sized cities in the relatively wealthy class and region's consumption of stainless steel-related products need to be replaced and upgraded, pulling the demand for high-end stainless steel products. With the accelerated development of domestic industry, needs for higher quality, more varieties of stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloy.