location: Beijing, China
Architectural Design: FOSTER + PARTNERS



This project is designed by Foster + Partners and makes a unique and unparalleled innovation in terms of inner curtain wall cladding pillars, indoor stainless steel lines and stainless steel décor of public areas.

Service Items

Cladding Pillars, Indoor Decoration

Stuff Applied

Cloth Grain Emboss, Ti-black Emboss

Indoor pillars

Indoor pillars

Indoor pillars with embossed pattern of stainless steel composite panels, not only to keep the metallic luster and smoothness but also to solve the high reflectivity characteristics, while the perfect realization of the tilt polygon shape, echoed with the external curtain wall design.

Elevator hall

Elevator hall

Elevator hall stainless steel decoration with black embossed stainless steel, in the preservation of the entire public area on the basis of simple style, add black embossed lines, simple but yet delicate, won the designers and the owners praise.